Spring Sunset

Golden brittle leaves
Crackle underfoot,
Even though its Spring,
Season of rabbits and rebirth,
Flower petals and Passover.
Time to make a sign
On your door-frame,
Painted in lamb’s blood
So God doesn’t murder
The wrong children.

Orange sun sets
And gold leaf clouds.
Light drains from the east
Into the western sea.
The darkness spreads gently
Drifting off to sleep.
Stars will soon be shining
Out from the ebony vault.

If one of them died today
We wouldn’t even know
We had reason to mourn
For at least four years
As the light lives on
Beyond them.


Under the Sun

Sun glowing,
Dim and red,
Through sooty smoke
Stinging eyes with
Ashes of sacred forests
Burned black.

Heat bearing down
Like the breath of a Balrog
Blowing through
The caves of Khazad-dûm.

Despair and dehydration
Drains the strength
Of even the flowers
In the field.

Through overexposure
To life-giving forces.

Only in the darkness of night
Is there hope.


Lotus Flower Haiku

Lotus flowers float
Atop the dirty water
Growing in the sun.


My 13th poem for National Poetry Writing Month.


Image found at CulturalIndia.Net.

The Cold

Thick clouds and fog,
The color of sun bleached prison walls,
stretch from street to sky,
An unbroken blanket blockading
Sun, Moon, and stars,
Flashes of electric light
Randomly illuminating darkness and dusk.

Cold bites flesh
Like a swarm of ravenous
Blood starved mosquitoes in summertime.
Ice encrusted trees sparkle diamond skins,
Under twilight skies at noon
Frigid frozen bones wonder
If summer warm will ever come again.


Early Morning Greetings

Orion rise early, before morning,
Jeweled belt shining in the night,
Waving good-bye
As I leave for work.

Bright Selene peeks out
From mother Gaia’s shadow
While orange clad Eos
Prepares to unlock the gates
For Helios’ daily ride.


Content (Senryu)

Pleased to be alive
Gardening in the hot sun
Grieving not its end.


This senryu (aka a “human haiku”) is my response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 36 – HAPPY & SAD. I subsituted the synonyms “Pleased” and “Grieving” for “Happy” and “Sad”

How Many Times?

My knees are weak and swollen,
My joints creak and pop,
My feet ache, my toes are numb.
Worn down, almost broken,
No cartilage left in my soul.
I’m tired and need a nap
As soon as I get out of bed.

How many times can you fall
Before your arms are too weak
To get back up?
How many time before your soul’s too weak
To even try?

Spider swimming upstream,
Water circling the drain,
The sun going down, going out.


Reflected Light

Sunlight reflects off the Moon,
Making her glow in the dark of the night.
Moonlight sparkles diamonds on the water,
Flickering lights in her eyes,
Walking romantic on the beach.


Sunlight (Haiku)

Sunlight creates life
Life starts and ends in darkness
Everything born dies


This Haiku is in response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 27 – “Light & Dark”

This may actually be considered more of a Senryu than a Haiku, but I’m calling it a Haiku for now.

Cycles (a tanka)

Rain waters the Earth
Life pushes up through the dirt
Blooms turn toward the Sun
In the Fall they wilt and die
Fertilizing tomorrow.


This tanka is my second entry for Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 26 – EARTH & WATER