The Coming War (Tanka)

Armadas set sail
Missiles locked on target
Egos go to war
Everyone else pays the price
In blood and innocent lives


Poem #30 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo).

Peaceful (Haiku)

Warm green peaceful day
Cut grass scents the air around
No more tears will fall


Poem #29 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)

This Haiku is my second response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 31 – PEACE & TEAR 

Tears (a Tanka)

A dull aching pain
A tear tears across your face
The tears tear a hole
Through the middle of your soul
All you wanted was some peace.


Poem #28 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)

This Tanka is my first response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 31 – PEACE & TEAR 

Tetractys on Heraclitus’ River


is never
the same river,
flowing around you changing as you step.
Each moment changing, evolving; growing.
When you step out
you are not
the same


Poem #26 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)

A while back I wrote a tanka about Heraclitus’ River. Its a theme that has always struck a chord with me, as has Heraclitus’ philosophy  in general.

The image is a detail from Raphael’s School of Athens featuring Heraclitus, whose features are based on those of Michelangelo.

And, for those keeping track, this is my 200th post on this blog.

How Does it Feel?

In answer to the question “How does it feel when your muse runs his fingers through your hair, resting his palms bare on your crown?”

Its like being possessed by an effeminately androgynous angel,
who may not have fallen, but definitely has some explaining to do,
As words and visions pass through my brain, down my arm, and into my right hand,
As if whispered in my ear by a one-eyed raven sitting on my shoulder
Telling me about his day.

There’s a shot of adrenaline to my heart, pupils dilate,
And my hand is compulsed to write everything down,
Sensical or nonsensical, until the episode passes.
My cramping clenched fist tries hard to write legibly,
As the words come faster than I can safely write,
Pain surging arthritically through my bones.

In the end I’m left alone, in a post-coital haze,
To finish and polish the lunatical ravings
Scribbled in my little black notebook.


Poem #25 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo

With thanks to Sarah Doughty for inspiration.

Now (a Tetractys)

is all
that there is:
The past is gone
and the future will never quite arrive.


 Poem #23 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)

Its Getting Darker (a Ghazal)

The sun fades into night, its getting darker.
Someone turned out the light, its getting darker.

Facts become opinions become lies,
You know its not right, its getting darker.

Fear, paranoia; propaganda rule the day,
Riots they incite, its getting darker.

Slave pitted against slave,
Much to master’s delight, its getting darker.

Everything ends; nothing lasts
Sinking like sunlight, its getting darker.

You’re tilting at windmills, John,
And still you write: Its Getting Darker.


This is my first attempt at a Ghazal.

Poem #21 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)

Wishing (a Tanka)

Wish upon a star
Blow your birthday candles out
Nothing will happen.
Act on your dreams; make them real
Like magic, your life will change.


This tanka is my response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 30 – Wish & Magic (Hope you had a great birthday, Colleen!)

Poem #20 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #<a href=””>NaPoWriMo</a&gt;)


Old Man

Ancient and alone,
Last of your kind.
No one like you anymore,
If there ever truly was.

Hair thins, grays,
Skin sags, flabs,
Nothing works like it used to.
More scars than you remember,
Wounds take longer to heal:
Some never close.

The longer you live
The more friends you’ll bury,
A trail of corpses behind you.
No one left to talk to,
Nobody understands,
No one sees the world the same,
Even the loss of an old enemy
Brings a tear to the eye.


Poem #19 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)

Life (a double tetractys)

in darkness,
grows in the light:
developing, evolving, flourishing.
aging, decaying; systems breaking down.
Life always ends
in darkness
and in


Poem #17 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)

This is my second attempt at at tetractys and my first double-tetractys.