Reoccurring Dreams

The dreams return,
Can’t stop them from coming,
Dreams of the past,
Relived like a robot,
Unable to deviate from programming.

Dreams of things that never happened
–that never could–
But I that know to be true:
On stage alone,
Ukulele-playing Tangled Up In Blue,
Won’t Get Fooled Again,
Sharing a backstage drink with
Early ’80s Pete Townshend,
Toasting a fallen friend,
Fidgeting for a fix.

Dreams of the future,
Not flying-car Flash Gordon future,
No Starships or monoliths.
The real future, my future:
The coming darkness,
Depression and death.
Standing on the beach
Feeling old and tired,
Isolated; alone,
Ready for the end.
But I’m wrong.


Adapted from Chapter II of Summer of a Doormouse.

Out of the Darkness (a Tanka)

Weighed down in the mire
Wandering around in the dark
Waiting to be saved
And led out into the light,
But you’re your only savior.


This Tanka is in response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 32 – LEAD & SAVE

Its Getting Darker (a Ghazal)

The sun fades into night, its getting darker.
Someone turned out the light, its getting darker.

Facts become opinions become lies,
You know its not right, its getting darker.

Fear, paranoia; propaganda rule the day,
Riots they incite, its getting darker.

Slave pitted against slave,
Much to master’s delight, its getting darker.

Everything ends; nothing lasts
Sinking like sunlight, its getting darker.

You’re tilting at windmills, John,
And still you write: Its Getting Darker.


This is my first attempt at a Ghazal.

Poem #21 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)

Leonard (a Haiku)

Birds on a wire
A murder of crows in flight
Its getting darker


Poem #18 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)

Alone (a Troilet)

Isolated, alone, even in a crowd.
Silent, quiet, but not without something to say,
Darkened corner, a solitary shroud,
Isolated, alone, even in a crowd.
Bent by the crushing weight of darkness: bowed,
Salty tears, could there be no other way?
Isolated, alone, even in a crowd.
Silent, quiet, but not without something to say.


My first attempt at a troilet.

Poem #4 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)


Dreams of Poems Already Written

Allen was in Asgard reciting America and
Singing the Buddhist Bible Blues for All-Father Odin
While Bobby and Baldr compared notes concerning
Daily dreams of darkness, depression, and death.
Byron rode up and down Bifröst bridge
Writing a poem about Don Juan
(No, not that one, the new one!)
Marcus Aurelius read the mythologies of Midgard,
Studied philosophy with Plato,
Admiring the stoicism of Socrates,
As Rimbaud wrote rhyming prose about Ragnarök,
Containing nothing but the truth,
Delivering it to Valhalla for the consideration of
Siddhartha, Thor and Wōđanaz.


Poem #3 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)

Reflected Light

Sunlight reflects off the Moon,
Making her glow in the dark of the night.
Moonlight sparkles diamonds on the water,
Flickering lights in her eyes,
Walking romantic on the beach.


Sunlight (Haiku)

Sunlight creates life
Life starts and ends in darkness
Everything born dies


This Haiku is in response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 27 – “Light & Dark”

This may actually be considered more of a Senryu than a Haiku, but I’m calling it a Haiku for now.

Casting Shadows (Tanka)

Light banishes dark
Casting shadows on the floor
Creating darkness
The light dims, the shadows grow
Darkness banishes the light.


This Tanka is in response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 27 – “Light & Dark”

Óðinn’s Wisdom


All my life, says Óðinn Alföðr,
I’ve sought wisdom and knowledge.
I’ve sacrificed, I’ve studied and endured.
And the only thing I am sure of
Is that twilight’s fall can not be averted,
Ragnarök will come, Asgard will burn,
Fenrir will slip his chains, Sköll will feast on Sól’s bones,
Darkness will fall, we will all die.

Its a fact that must be faced,
How its faced will define you.


Pronunciation guide:
ð = “th” as in “father”
Óðinn Alföðr = O-thin All-father
Ragnarök = Rag-na-rok
Fenrir = Fen-rear
Sköll = Skole (Rhymes with “toll”)
Sól = Sole

Image: Odin, der Göttervater. Odin enthroned with weapons, wolves and ravens” by Carl Emil Doepler (1824-1905). Found in WikiMedia Commons.