Walking and old path
Down aging concrete,
Grayer than memory allows,
Each crack as familiar
As the crease of my palm,
Volcanoes and lightening strikes,
slow step through time.

Great pine tree,
Full of crow calls
That I answered
On my way to school.
Now as silent
As a schoolyard
In summertime.

They’re selling sub sandwiches
Where the arcade used to stand,
Baking pizzas
In the old Datsun showroom,
The lot too big for the business.

There’s a hole in the house,
Where you used to be,
On the left side of the couch
Next to your teacup,
Smarties, and Kindle.

There’s always a chill
When I sit in that spot,
Sipping chai tea
From your cup,
When you were here.



While it Lasts – a senryu


Enjoy the moments
As they come and pass away
Never to return.


Only One Moment (a tanka)

A single moment
Is all that truly exists,
No past; no future.
One moment in which to act,
One moment in which to make a change.



The Fog is So Thick (a Tanka)

The fog sits so thick
Visibility is nil
Its claustrophobic
Never despair; things will change
Strong winds blow the fog away


This poem is my response to Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge #21 – “Fog & Change”


The Beauty of Change (a tanka)

Ev’rything changes
Neither for better or worse
Good, bad; indiff’rent
The beauty of it all is
Nothing will last for too long


This poem is my response to Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #15 – CHANGE & BEAUTY


Change (a tanka)

Beginnings; endings
One looks much like the other
Change is a constant
Which will, thankfully, not change
Nothing can grow that can’t change


My response to Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #9 – THANKS & BEGINNINGS


Heraclitus’ River (a tanka)


The river flows on,
Ever changing; transforming,
Never stepped in twice:
Its never the same river,
And you’re never the same man.


The image is a detail from Raphael’s School of Athens featuring Heraclitus.

Time & Laughter (a tanka)


Time passes away,
Everything temporary,
Nothing forever,
Laugh and smile: You understand,
Nothing will last forever.


Written in response to Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #8 – TIME & LAUGHTER

Image from WikiMedia Commons.