Books By John W. Leys

The Darkness of His Dreams: Poetry (2019)

Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions

Darkness of His Dreams is an intimate journey by way of verses—a sequence of poignant and thought provoking ruminations. Readers will travel the ages through the keen lens that Leys has trained on history, philosophy, humanity, and his own life experiences.

Walls full, pencil broken
Poetry flows on, scratched into the floor,
A spiraling binding protection circle of words
Writ with a broken bloodied fingernail.

Darkness of His Dreams is fine bourbon. Drink its words and feel pleasantly full.

© 2019 John W. Leys / Cover Photo by Justine Leys
ISBN: 978-1-7333645-0-8 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-7333645-1-5 (eBook)
Library of Congress Control Number:2019910522
Published by Broken Wing Publishing

Books Including Poetry by John W. Leys:

Avalanches in Poetry: Inspired by Leonard Cohen (2019)

Edited by David L O’Nan

Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions

This bookzine is a book dedicated to the Inspiration of Leonard Cohen has left on many lives. Poetry, Quotes, Artwork photos, stories. It has been 3 years since his passing, and it is still hard to come to full grip with this. Contributors include Geoffrey Wren, Paul Robert Mullen, Attracta Fahy, John Everex, Lennon Stravato, Joan Hawkins, Christina Strigas, ps Pirro, Sarah Marquez, Xerado, Norb Aikin, Ediney-Santana, Neel Trivedi, Amanda McLeod, Robert Frede Kenter, Jack Bowman, Ryan De Leon from Sons & Daughters Journal, Ellen Kirkman, Greg Santos, Kari Ann Flickinger, John W Leys, Pavlina Marie, Amy Barnes, Michael Igoe, Kushal Poddar, Gerald Jatzek, David Mellor, Ankh Spice, David Grant Lee, Shauna McGuiness, Peter Hague, Samantha Merz, Tim Heerdink, Madison McSweeney, Kimberly Cunningham, Barney Ashton Bullock, David L O’Nan, Hillesha O’Nan

All the Lonely People Paperback (2019)

Available from Amazon.

The followup to SWEAR TO ME, ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE brings over 20 writers from around the world in a search for acceptance from the people we were taught to be.