Beyond Belief

Beyond belief,
Above opinion,
Supporting true knowledge,
Composed of indisputable facts,
Informing wisdom,
Is the Truth.


7 thoughts on “Beyond Belief

    • I have to say I’ve never had a strong preference either for or against rhymed poetry. The bulk of what I write these days is unrhymed, but I try and let the poem itself dictate its form. As a reader of poetry I just look for what’s well written. I’ve certainly seen a lot of badly rhymed poetry in my time, but I’ve also seen an equal amount of horrible free verse. As long as its well written, I’m not particular about what form it takes, though I can certainly understand people having a preference.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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      • I understand, but unrhymed poetry seems to be what I gravitate toward. Just a preference I suppose yet I’ve seen and written both.
        This could be because I’m very jealous of people who can rhyme because I’m terrible at it haha 😉

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        • Yeah, I can totally understand having a prefernce. I see challenegs in writing both, but sometimes It can be a huge challenge to write a rhymed piece that sounds natural and unforced. I learned early on not to try and rhyme anything with “love,” because you end up with saying it fits like a “glove” or is beautiful like a “dove” 😉

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  1. I can think of a few people who could do with following those directions! I really like these short poems of yours. You say a lot with a few words, and that’s a skill not many can master.


    • Thank you. I don’t know that I ever–unless I’m intentionally setting out to write a short form (Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, et cetera)–have a length in mind when I start writing. I try to let the poem work itself out. Its sometimes hard to know if a poem is complete or if more needs to be written. Some just demand to be longer and some don’t. Hard to explain.

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  2. With such few words your poetry speaks many volumes. I know exactly what you mean about unrhyme poems vs free verse vs rhyme poems. You’re right, many writers have their preference in what they choose to want to write or how to write it in style. Or something with meaning in it.

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