Cold black blade
Burning blood red runes
Wisdom worms
Burrowing into tombs

The price of the blade
Is the blood that is spilled,
The victories all hollow
When all else is killed.



I’ve been rereading a few of Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion novels (The Eternal Champion and Phoenix in Obsidian so far. I’ll be starting The Dragon in the Sword next) and this was the result

6 thoughts on “Stormbringer

    • Love Elric! The Corum books were my introduction to Moorcock, but Elric came soon after that! I intend on rereading those as well when I’m done with the Dragon in the Sword. I first read the Elric series in Middle-School and I don’t think I’ve reread the entire series since then. That was a few decades ago, so I thought it might be time to revisit them.


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