Staring into the Flames

Dedicated to the brave men and women fighting all the wild fires in Oregon
(And everywhere!)


Raging fires of Muspelheim
Flaming sword of Surtr,
Gentle beautiful glow
Of destruction peers over the ridge.

A brigade of brave warriors,
Oath sworn to Móðir Jorð,
Stand ready in defense
Of her ancient holy lodge,
Prepared to give no quarter
And surrender no ground,
Facing down the Eldjötnar
And sons of Muspel,
Tearing through the forests of Freyja,
Burning Miðgarð black.

Oðinn’s army,
Children of Ash and Elm,
Siblings of Oak and Fir,
Stand at the edge of Ragnarok
Without fear.



Muspelheim = Moo-spell-haym
Móðir Jorð = Moe-thear Yorth (Th as in father) – “Mother Jorð (Earth)”
Eldjötnar = Eld-Yote-nar
Freyja = Frey-ya
Miðgarð = Mith-garth (Th as in Father)
Oðinn = Oh-thin (TH as in Father)
Ragnarök = Rag-na-rock

Pictures are of the Elk Creek Fire currently burning (September ’17) along the Columbia River in Oregon.

9 thoughts on “Staring into the Flames

    • Thank you! Yes, we’re thankfully far away from the fires (There are a huge number burning throughout the state), but we’ve been blanketed with smoke from various fires in the surrounding areas for a week or more. Its always sad to see forest fires, but one of the worst ones (In the pictures, which is now around 10,000 acres) was human caused, they believe some kids started it by setting off fireworks.. which just makes me mad.

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    • Thank you!

      Yeah, I live in Central Oregon and we’ve been choked with smoke for a week or more.. its horrible. The Eagle Creek fire in the gorge just makes me want to cry. It was watching the news updates about it today that made me write this.

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      • That’s right, I remember you mentioned that you live here. I’m in Western OR and we have a lot of smaller ones near us but are mostly getting the smoke from the Chetco fire. I heard there was ash falling in Portland today. The Columbia makes me so sad too. I sure hope we get some rain (without lightning)!

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