The Last Secret

Your dog was left in her living room,
Still on his leash.
This the only note you left,
The only sign that something
Was horribly wrong.

Alone you walked,
The salty breeze blown
From the Pacific.

How long did you sit
Listening to the rhythm of the waves—
Your thoughts totally and forever your own?
Your last secret,
Under the stars, among the waves.

Why? Why didn’t you pick up the phone
Instead of picking up the gun?


8 thoughts on “The Last Secret

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  2. It breaks my heart to read this in a very vivid and detail poetic manner.

    I know the feeling of this pain. I too, once was close to taking my own life, long time ago. What saved me? Listening to ‘Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral. I remember 1994. Thanks to Trent’s music…I am still going and writing.

    Powerful poetic words my friend.

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