Reflection (Haiku)

Standing on the pier
Face mirrored in the harbor
Tides are coming in


This is my response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 39 – MIRROR & HARBOR


For George Orwell

Once they convince you
the news is all fake,
that science is conspiracy,
To ignore the evidence of your eyes
–They’re full of biased media lies–
Only they tell you Truth,
Alternative facts reversing the burden of proof,
Your best interests always in mind,
How do you prove
Climates are changing
In unnatural ways,
The past is immutable,
History is real, the Earth is old,
Evolution is fact, Gravity works,

How do you prove
That you’re no longer free?


Don Corleone (Tanka)

I ask a favor;
You’ll receive my gratitude.
On this paper sheet:
Your signature or your brains,
An offer you can’t refuse.


Inspired by a recent post by Kindra Austin.

The Faerie Queen (Tanka)

The fair fay kingdom
Otherside of the West Wind
Inside the mirror
Enchanted and eternal
Ageless monarch; Faerie Queen.


This tanka is my response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 38 – FAIRY & MAGIC. Note: I substituted “enchanted” for “magic” and used the Old French form “Faerie” for “fairy.”

Fire (Haiku)

Through the smokey veil
Devouring inferno
Timber burning black


This is my response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 37 – SMOKE & VEIL


Oh, Sophia Shekinah,
Socrates-lover, Plato-Friend,
Maternal dwelling of the Logos.
Sefirah, emanating
From the crown of creation without end,
Wisdom, Understanding: Knowledge.
Understanding wisdom is knowing
That you know nothing.


Shekinah (Hebrew:שכינה ) – Pronounced Sha-kee-nah. Literally “dwelling.” A Rabbinic term for the presence of God, held by some to be the feminine attribute of God. See more here.
Sefirah (Hebrew: סְפִירָה ) – Pronounced Se-fir-ah. Literally “emanation.” A term from Kabbalah. See more here.
Logos (ancient Greek λόγος) – Pronounced “low-gose,” which has been used as a term in Philosophy and Theology since the time of Heraclitus. See more here. I’ve written about the Logos previously.

Content (Senryu)

Pleased to be alive
Gardening in the hot sun
Grieving not its end.


This senryu (aka a “human haiku”) is my response to Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 36 – HAPPY & SAD. I subsituted the synonyms “Pleased” and “Grieving” for “Happy” and “Sad”

Survival Skills

In the chasm between dreams and reality
Falls pain and disappointment,
Bridged by madness and hope,
Holding off the suffocating
Black blanket of eternal night.