From Hell

From Hell’s heart I stab
Slashing throats,
Letting them bleed out like
The slaughtered pigs they are.
Buck’s Row whores!
Whitechapel bitches!

Keeps a cool head,
Don’t let the anger overwelm.
Need a steady hand
For the hysterectomy:
Uterus, its what’s for dinner.
Fried prostitute kidney is a favorite,
But I’ll share with Mr. Lusk.
I’m a very giving guy.

So little time to work
Out in the streets,
Where the whores fuck in the alleys.
To work inside, privately,
Is a gift worth paying extra for.

Look me in the eye,
Invite me into your room,
Smile; I’ll smile back.
I’ll take my time with you.
I’ll steal your heart,
After slashing your neck to the bone,
Burnt offering to a god you don’t know
With a name you can’t pronounce.

The rest is performance art,
A still life in death.
Legs spread wide on the bed,
As they were in life.
Skin peeled from your skull,
Intestine, liver and kidneys
Placed with care around you.
Left breast sliced off for a pillow,
I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.

Ah, I see you had fish and taters for dinner.
I’ll be having some barbecued whore heart
(Who knew they had one!)
My share of this bloody communion.

I always feel I should sign my work;
I won’t even leave my name.
But you know where to find me,
Mr Lusk.



I’ve had Jack on the brain since I read this post a while back. I wrote this as a result.


13 thoughts on “From Hell

      • Milton is Satan pulling himself up after having been cast into the lake of fire and shaking his spear at G-d “Better to rule in hell then serve in Heaven…”. Baudilaire is an upperclass reprobate who carries a walkingstick with a nob on it and wrote about prostitutes. TS Eliot wrote of sexuality in Prufrock “When the evening is spread out against the sky
        Like a patient etherized upon a table;
        Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
        The muttering retreats
        Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels”

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          • I got into Baudelaire because some person I disliked kept making Baudilaire references to make himself sound superior. Reading superficially of Baudelaire I found him to be an right wing upper-class reprobate and a fascist. I am looking for a decent translation of “Flower’s of Evil”. The only poem of TS Eliot I have found readable is “The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock.” Yeah, you are right about not enough time, but I have just finished George Eliot’s, SILAS MARNER, which is an excellent, refreshing story.


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