Ask and Embla


Carved by Dwarvish craftsman
From ash-wood of Oðinn’s gallows–

Yggdrasil , heart of the Nine Worlds,
Rooted in the deeps of the Earth,
Tended by the Weavers:
Was, Is and Will-be (Twined together in Destiny),
Watered from the weird well of Fate.
Top branches brushing Bifröst Bridge,
Tickling Heimdell’s feet on the front porch of the Æsir–

Gifted by the gods; made whole:
From Oðinn, Hœnir, and Lóðurr
Intellect, Self-Awareness and Sight
(Lóðurr lent them his good looks, to be nice)

A million generations removed,
When Ragnarök has Asgard burned;
Midgard is frozen like a tomb,
Granddaughter Líf and her lover,
Cling to life under the Gallows,
Seeking shelter and hope.


Pronunciation key for the ancient Norse names in the poem:
Oðinn = O-thin
Bifröst = Bye-frost
Yggdrasil = Eeg-drass-ill
Hœnir = Hoy-near
Lóðurr = Low-Thur
Ragnarök = Rag-na-rock
Líf = Leaf

Inspired by the Daily Post‘s daily prompt: Millions

8 thoughts on “Ask and Embla

    • This is very true. I think its because any human, ancient or modern, has to face the reality of his or her mortality. (Bob Dylan once commented that the only thing we all have in common is that we’re all going to die). Its a very powerful fear that is one of the downsides of self-awareness.

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    • Thank you! I’ve had Asgard on the brain for a few days now, for some reason. I’ve always loved Mythology, but the Norse and Celtic tales have been favorites for a while. If you haven’t you should check out my last couple of poems, “Underground” and “Tell Me What I Need To Know” they’re both heavily influenced by Norse mythology.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting. I appreciate it!

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