Four Haiku on the Seasons of Life

Ev’ryone alive
Was born of their mother’s womb.
Spring is in the air.

We grow up too fast.
Our best years go much too fast.
Summer never lasts

Hair grays and hair thins
We can see the end in sight.
The Fall has begun.

Ev’ryone must die.
Not Ev’ryone really lives.
Winter is here now.


The first Haiku that I’ve written in many years. Just experimenting a bit with the form. I’m honestly unsure of how “every” is supposed to be pronounced (Two syllables or Three). I generally pronounce it with two, but am unsure if I’m saying it “correctly.” I found conflicting opinions on-line, so I abbreviated “ev’ryone” in this piece just to be safe. Probably not a big deal for most, but sometimes I obsess over the details.


3 thoughts on “Four Haiku on the Seasons of Life

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like them! Yeah, I went with “ev’ryone” because I felt it was clearer which pronunciation I had in mind. I likely thought about it way too much. I do that sometimes 🙂


  1. Haiku formal poetry.
    Aging, Birth, …….. Death. Very interesting, why did he not include [Suffering].
    My life, life it self. Give me Birth, Suffering, Old Age, Death.
    As the Blossom return’s in Spring, from a state of latent state. So as humans simulate. For my Appearance, for my Nature, for my Entity. For Humanity the Highest Manifestion of life itself. But The Highest Consciousness. We are.

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