Where Do They All Belong

Empty Spaces,
Within and without,
Yearning to be filled.

Hollow caverns,
Cold and damp,
Deep inside
Muffled sobs
Echo among the stalactites
Into the darkness.

In a well lit room,
Full of family and friends,
Behind a pleasant smile,
Thin facade keeping them out
And everything else in,
Forever in danger of cracking.


This poem was originally published in Nicholas Gagnier’s book All the Lonely People, which is available in paperback and ebook editions at Amazon.



Shadows on the Sea @Free Verse Revolution

My latest poem is now available on the Free Verse Revolution blog:

Shadows on the Sea

Out of the Shadows @ Free Verse Revolution

Very happy to have had another poem posted by Free Verse Revolution:

Out of the Shadows


Where the heart is
Where the soul is
Where you are
Where the tree was planted
And still grows.

Where you can never go back to
Where you are always welcome
Where everything feels familiar
No matter how much its changed

Where the past is present
And the future is born,
And no matter the weather
It is always warm.


This poem was originally published @ Free Verse Revolution

At The Beginning…

Nihil, nothing
Darkness, density
Infinite eternity.

Expansion, explosions
Unbridled light.
Chaos, creation
Dragons and demons,
Fire and ice.
Mother Earth;
Father Sky
Split, divided
The world made right.

Monsters slaughtered;
Mountains carved
From their thighs.

Organized, categorized
Order imposed.
The future lies
There in the garden
Where the two trees grow.


This poem was originally published @ Free Verse Revolution


The darkness only lasts
Until the dawn,
Storm clouds are
Eventually split
By the heat of the sun.

The light in the tunnel
Isn’t always a train,
Even the driest deserts
Can be baptized by the rain

Searing hot
Summer sun sets
Into the cool comfort
Of the nighttime breeze,
Fallen fruits
Rot on the ground
Giving birth to mighty trees.

Pleasant or foul,
Neither will long last,
Time flows forever forward,
The future becoming the past.


This poem was originally published @ Free Verse Revolution

Crow – Haiku

Crow on the trashcan
Watch ducks swim a muddy creek
Glide into the sky


In response to Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 126, “Poet’s Choice of Words”


The Process – a tanka

Compose, line by line,
From beginning to end
Until its finished:
Every verse, every rhyme, and
Every single drop of blood.


This is my response to Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 125 #SynonymsOnly.


Dukkha – a tanka

Suffering exists
And it can be overcome
The message is clear
See the source of suffering
Follow the path to freedom


My response to Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 123 #SynonymsOnly

And Jesus Wept


Jesus Wept
At Lazarus’ death,
Thought he knew
He’d resurrect,
Jesus wept,
As Lazarus slept
In a stone-cold crypt,
From which his sisters crept
On a moonlit night
While Jesus wept.


Image is from Jésus pleura by James Tissot