I’m Falling

The years go flying by
Like shooting stars,
A flash,
A motion in the sky,
And then they’re gone.

I stood before you
And presented you
My soul.
Today I sit alone,
Broken and cold.

I never thought
To be here again,
But I should have known
It would happen.
It’s a familiar place
No one should visit:
The walls are drafty.
The mirrors broken,
The only reflection I see
Is my own.

I need your love
To make it through the night,
My ship would be
Stranded on the rocks
Without your light

I need you here
To hold my hand,
‘cos I’m falling
And I don’t know when
It’ll stop.


Review of The Darkness of His Dreams by Candice Louisa Daquin

The Darkness of His Dreams by John W. Leys

Reviewed by Candice Louisa Daquin

I have consistently admired John Leys as a writer for several reasons. He’s very honest to himself. He’s not an overtly crude writer, though he is clearly gender biased (as most, aside the very best, tend to be) and he is true to himself and very passionate about his beliefs.

In his latest collection of poetry published by Broken Wing Publishing, in the poem the book is titled from, Leys writes; “They all want a hero /Not an uncommon want, it seems/ But in whom does a hero confide/ The true darkness of his dreams?”

It is this early poem that speaks loudest of Leys intention with this poetry collection. He’s expressing how difficult it is to meet expectations and irrespective, whom do you tell of your real feelings?

This struck me perhaps more deeply than anything Leys has thus written, for its brute honesty and how relatable this is. How often we try to be heroes of one form or another, going through life with positive affirmations, and never telling a soul of our true thoughts, and sometimes, how dark in comparison they are.

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At the Edge of the World with You @ Free Verse Revolution

Very pleased to have my latest poem, At the Edge of the World with You, posted on Free Verse Revolution!


Rhythmic waves rolling,

Breaking on the beaches:

Mother Earth’s pulse.

Poseidon’s salty breath

Blowing through

Thinning hair.

The sun sets beyond

The borders of the world.

All we have is each other.


John W. Leys is an indie poet from Redmond, Oregon. John has been writing poetry since he was 14 years old and has had his work published in a variety of small publications over the years. Earlier this year John was one of the ports included in Nicholas Gagnier’s book All the Lonely People. On July 30th, 2019 he published his first book of poetry, The Darkness of His Dreams: Poetry, which is now available on Amazon.

Blog: https://darknessofhisdreams.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darknessofhisdreams/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eliyahu5733

Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/johnleys/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/author/johnwleys

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The Abyss

I look into the abyss
And the abyss looks away,
Frightened by what it sees.

I feel so empty,
So alone,
Even my demons
Have abandoned me.

The sharp sting
Of the claws fade
Into an unbearable
Dull throbbing


Am I Angry?

Inspired by Rachel “Quirky” Schenk

Living at the intersection
Of Delight and Delirium,
Immersed in disposable
Consumable media
Filled with bizarre images
Of singing cats shedding their skin
And Steven Moffat’s fever dreams
Of Dracula,
Trying to drown out
The intense sorrow
And existential dread
Of a world draped in darkness.

I crave the release
Of the Mighty Marvel
Morphine Drip™
To numb my mind
And help me
Momentarily forget
That a continent is burning
And seas will soon be boiling
Away to nothing
As oligarchs fiddle
With themselves,
Counting their money
While Gaia flatlines
On the table
(Her insurance wouldn’t
Cover the cure)

I need that Disney brand dopamine
To distract from the darkness
Threatening to drag us down
To the crossroads of
Despair and Death:
Children in cages
And coffins,
Kingdoms split apart.
Glaciers melting,
Forests burning.
People dying
On minimum wage.

Identity, humanity; agency: Denied!

Bigoted, racist,
antisemitic, Islamophobic,
Transphobic, homophobic,
Xenophobic domestic terrorists
Bathed in ignorance and self-righteousness,
Strings pulled by plutocrats
And war criminals
Profiteering off the proletariat’s
Blood, sweat, and tears,
Knowing that the divided
Can never band together
And guillotine the rich.

            But aren’t you angry?
            Why waste your time?

Am I angry?

Don’t mistake immersion
In immaterial flickering lights
For apathy
When it’s a bid
To save my sanity!

In this capitalistic dumpster fire
I need brightly colored flashes
Of insanity and stupidity
To keep me from madness!

Am I angry?
Here’s my secret:
I’m always angry.


This poem was inspired by several comments made by Rachel “Quirky” Schenk on Episode 68 of The Infinity Podcast (a podcast about Marvel movies).


Strings on Me – Free Verse Revolution

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My latest poem, Strings on Me, is now available on Free Verse Revolution:

Strings on Me


Old Ragged Suit

The threads are loose
And unravelling,
The seams have split,
Barely holding on.

The belt no longer
Holds up the trousers,
Even on the tightest notch.

Failure is inevitable,
The fraying will never stop.
No seamstress
Can repair the damage,
The whole suit is lost.


Darkness and Fog

The darkness never breaks,
The shadow never lifts.
Thoughts flutter in fog
Unable to escape.

The weight of all the anxiety,
Unfounded and real,
Press down like a cinder block,
No way for the pressure
To release.

A conspiracy of ravens
And a murder of crows
Flock in the trees
Beyond the yard.
Who are they here for?

Drowning in numbness,
Inside a dull throbbing pain.
Trying to remember why
I keep trying
To rekindle the flame.


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John Leys: The Indie-Go Interview

Very happy to have been included as part of the Indie-Go Interviews, hosted by Laura Mae.

Laura Mae

November 1st, 2019


I asked John where he would like to interview:

The library is old. Very old. So old, in fact, that nobody seems sure of when it was built. Oddly neither of us are sure how ling we’ve been here or how we got here, though we seem to have been here for a while. We’re sitting opposed each other in two well cushioned high-backed chairs that are positioned in front of a great oak fireplace. And there is a small table between us on which there is a steaming fresh pot of tea along with two empty mugs. The mahogany walls are covered by floor to vaulted ceiling bookcases that seem to stretch out to the horizon, which is, of course, impossible. The room is dimly lit, though there is enough light to comfortably read the pages of the book, Paradise Lost, that I find resting in…

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Avalanches in Poetry, a Leonard Cohen Tribute


I am very happy to have my new poem, It’s Getting Darker, included in Avalanches in Poetry, which is a tribute to Leonard Cohen edited by David L. O’Nan.

This bookzine is a book dedicated to the Inspiration of Leonard Cohen has left on many lives. Poetry, Quotes, Artwork photos, stories. It has been 3 years since his passing, and it is still hard to come to full grip with this. Contributors include Geoffrey Wren, Paul Robert Mullen, Attracta Fahy, John Everex, Lennon Stravato, Joan Hawkins, Christina Strigas, ps Pirro, Sarah Marquez, Xerado, Norb Aikin, Ediney-Santana, Neel Trivedi, Amanda McLeod, Robert Frede Kenter, Jack Bowman, Ryan De Leon from Sons & Daughters Journal, Ellen Kirkman, Greg Santos, Kari Ann Flickinger, John W Leys, Pavlina Marie, Amy Barnes, Michael Igoe, Kushal Poddar, Gerald Jatzek, David Mellor, Ankh Spice, David Grant Lee, Shauna McGuiness, Peter Hague, Samantha Merz, Tim Heerdink, Madison McSweeney, Kimberly Cunningham, Barney Ashton Bullock, David L O’Nan, Hillesha O’Nan

Avalanches of Poetry is currently available on Amazon.com in Kindle and paperback!